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When we talk about the brand Mel de Assis, about its collection and the unique accessories’ design, we are talking about a passionate universe of desire, bright, sophistication and quality.

With a handicraft production, Mel de Assis uses the fascinate world that Swarovski crystals bring to us and exquisite materials to dedicate to the women accessories that complete your beauty in all moments of your life.

Mel de Assis accessories was established at Bento Gonçalves, RS/Brazil in 2006 and is specialize in earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Since that, Mel de Assis has started to build your way with a lot of passion, always innovating and differentiate your products, always with caress and attention to the customers.

Constantly researching trends and fashion, the renowned designer Cassiane de Assis creates the collections using a lot of colors, matching tones, bright and a particular creativity that bring to us amazing and passionate pieces.

We invite you to try this bright!

Welcome to Mel de Assis Accessories!

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